The Anxious Life of a Food Allergy Mom

Life of a food allergy mom can be really stressful.My Sweet Pea, is allergic to dairy, eggs, tree nuts and sesame all of which we found out about the hard way. I have been wanting to introduce chia seeds and flax seeds to her diet for over a year now, as they could be another good source of protein and healthy fats for her, but every time I go to do it I chicken out.

Motherhood - We're All Losing Our Sh*t

I’m gonna be honest with you all. Last week was a tough week - I mean like bananas - and I’m beginning to really realize this whole mothering thing is really, really hard. Now I don’t mean hard like I just had a baby and I’m sleep deprived and healing kind of hard. No, I mean, the realization that I have no idea what I’m doing and I think I’m failing kind of hard.

Homemade Olive Oil Mayo (Paleo, Whole30)

True story - I hated mayo until I was about 16 years old. Legend has it, when I was just a few months old, my loving, older brother who was about 2 at the time, took a spatula full of mayonnaise off the counter where my mother had been making a seven-layer salad and jammed it down my throat while I was sitting in the bouncer seat. Physically, I was fine, but my taste buds were scarred by the experience for many, many years.